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Mandira Bedi changes clothes and look for ipl t20 2009

Posted on: April 15, 2009

Mandira Bedi changes clothes and look for IPL T20 2009

Hot Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi has been roped in by MAX for the new season of DLF iplt20 to add some spice to the already hot proceedings. The small screen diva has returned to co-host ‘Extraaa Innings T20’ and is sure to have millions of pulses fluttering with her image makeover. At a show organised by MAX at Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai on Monday, Mandira Bedi was brought back in the fray for another ” Extraaa Innings ” at the show that she says gave her an opportunity to live her passion for cricket.

Mandira Bedi started six years ago with MAX and her involvement in the first edition of Indian Premier League created wholesome entertainment for millions of Indian households. She is rightly considered as the ‘First Lady’ of Indian cricket with millions tuning in daily to watch her insights on the game along with her fashion choices. Strapless blouses, Bright Sarees and that weren’t all as when she spoke about the game, she made sense too.

The second coming of Mandira to ‘Extraaa Innings T20’ is accompanied with a new wardrobe and fashion statement. She was seen strapless, but in a dress than a blouse. She looks more toned, fresh and debonair.

So she is back with a bang. The new season of DLF iplt20, which kicks off this Saturday, promises another chapter in the path breaking story of how IPL transformed Indian cricket and how Mandira Bedi turned it into a complete family experience. Let’s see how she manages to capture the hearts as well as eyeballs of cricket fans in India, once again…

Do you like Mandira’s new look…? Leave us your comments below.

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mandira is so hot i wanna fuck her

I understand the emotions but save the trash talk for when you see her. Thanks.

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