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Kris Allen rocks American Idol, not “Falling Slowly” anytime soon.

Posted on: April 18, 2009

Cute Kris Allen: "Falling Slowly" at American Idol (image coutesy of joesplaceblog)

Cute Kris Allen: "Falling Slowly" at American Idol (image coutesy of joesplaceblog)

The Final 7 results of American Idol saw Kris Allen’s brilliant performance  transforming him from a ‘cute looker’ participant to almost a second favorite to win this season’s American Idol. The bookies, namely William Hill, have Kris Allen down to 6/1 whilst Danny Gokey is 4/1 with a couple of the bookies. Even American Idol David Cook has singled out Adam Lambert and Kris Allen as his favorites this year.

Kris performed “Falling Slowly” from the soundtrack of the movie “Once”. The song was  the 2007 Academy-Award winner for Best Original Song, composed by professional partners Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

On the results show, Kris stood with Lil Rounds, while Ryan announced one of them was in the bottom three. I felt kinda silly to feel tense ’cause i knew Lil Rounds had the worst night amongst everyone so she had to be the one to be in danger and as expected, she was. What was not expected and very surprising was Simon Cowell when he said that he did not get to comment last night but “Kris, you were brilliant”. Coming from Simon, I’m sure the weeks to come would see Kris Allen slipping past Danny Gokey to set up a finale with Adam Lambert, who i must say is worthy to win so far. I think the Season 8 heartthrob is just about to bring his best his best to the show in the coming weeks.

As expected, the Oscar winning song has become the latest craze for music lovers.It is currently at the 29th most downloaded song on iTunes. After Kris’ performance, millions of fans swarmed the internet for lyrics and details of “Falling Slowly“.

Do you think Kris has got what it takes to go all the way? Leave me your opinions below…

7 Responses to "Kris Allen rocks American Idol, not “Falling Slowly” anytime soon."

I can’t get his song out of my head…I love his version! He has it all….Looks, voice, plays guitar and keyboards, etc. He is SO talented. I think he and Adam deserve to be the top 2.

You are so right, Gayle. Kris is definitely going to be there in the finale. He is the complete package this season.

The response to Kris Allen’s version of “Falling Slowly” is amazing. This song has been one of my top five songs for at least two years. Unfortunately, the motion picture “Once” appeared in so few theaters, it was not well known even though it won an Academy Award. Randy Jackson acted like he did not know the song. I now recommend that future contestants on American Idol” and other talent shows sing some of the others songs from that movie.

I’m with you, Mike , on this one. I feel its a travesty that a song that has won the Academy Award for Best Song is called an unknown on National television..what else do the guys, who made the song, have to do…Sing it on the moon? 🙂

amazing amazing amazing performance by kris!!! i really want him to win i LOVE his voice, but also adams, either way i will be happy with this years outcome!

I know, Sammy. This year’s choice might be the toughest so far..but I’m sure we’re going to have a cracker of a finale 🙂

i loveee kris lol x

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