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Susan Boyle: Simon Cowell’s new ‘Cash-cow’

Posted on: April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell - Meant to be

Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell - Meant to be

Susan Boyle is an enigma in reality TV circles these days. The 47 year old Scottish woman has touched millions of hearts with her unkempt hair, her puppy dog face and her blanked expressions. The lady is an overnight superstar with more searches and hits than Britney Spears at the present moment, which brings me to the worrying realisation that what if it’s all a gimmick? What if under her loose clothes and even looser skin, lurks a diva just biding her time before the finale erupts on unsuspecting Britain. Considering the fact that she is the most popular thing in Britain at the moment, what would you say is stopping her grabbing a comb, throwing out her grandma pants and unleashing the ‘diva’ within? Well it is the dark lord, alright. The dark side of Simon Cowell is much darker than we thought. His ‘cruel remarks’ on reality television is an art in itself but with Susan Boyle, he has taken the game to a whole new level.

He says Britain’s got Talent. I say they got talent alright. It takes a lot of effort to reassure audiences initially that Susan Boyle got through the first few rounds as she could sing well. Well, my cat can sing well too but it never leaves the house without brushing its hair. What reality television demands are lookers and by god, Susan Boyle is precious in these times. She is Simon’s hidden weapon which disarms viewers from their personal insecurities of the contestants looking better than them and then takes the same viewers to a whole new level filled with pity, sympathy and admiration. Simon Cowell has endured Paula Abdul long enough to know that ‘Make-up’ is not the answer to everything. He has gone for the ugly duckling instead.

Media is filled with reports of “The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell.” She is the new face of hope. Susan Boyle is the ray of light that has banished the ‘Dark Lord’ from his lair. I say give me a break and a big one at that ’cause while everyone seems to be falling head over heels on Simon’s masterpiece, I wonder how many of us can actually see the light?

This is what is happening ( or could have happened for all those who are going to come back to this page when I’d be saying” I told you so”). Susan Boyle is not what she seems. Susan Boyle is youngest of nine and I’m scared to think what the other eight look like. She has a ten year cat Pebbles that probably gets a spanking every time it tries to fix Susan’s hair. It’s not the cat’s fault. They like owners with combs and Pebbles hasn’t seen one on Susan since she got used to the fact that Simon visits more now than ever before.
She say’s she’s never had a boyfriend. I say not till she met someone like Simon. She say’s she’s never been kissed. I say once she wins this thing, we’ll have her singing “I kissed a girl” live with Katie Perry. They say she is the most talented woman on TV today. I’d say if you look closely through that lovely set of hair and you’ll see Paul Potts beaming at his second coming.

Simon Cowell has created an enigma which he knows very well how to market. He’s got talent. Britain’s got Susan Boyle. Everyone’s got fooled. She is a dream come true but only for the producers who are laughing all the way to the bank, right as we speak. Media suggests Simon Cowell showed his softer side after Susan’s performance. I say he was just falling in love with the woman who’s giving him what none could give before. Sky rocketing TRP’s.

When this show gets over, everyone would be glad Susan won. Simon Cowell might be the richest in UK, maybe after the Queen. Susan would get a long-due make-over and transform herself into another Paula Abdul (well she’s been kept away from the mirror too long, I think she deserves it). Simon would then be heart-broken at what could have been. Susan would become a multi-millionaire pop star. The viewer’s would be shocked. The world would be in a tizzy at all that’s happening around them. All that would be left are me and Pebbles shaking our heads. If only you had taken Pebbles more seriously. I did.

17 Responses to "Susan Boyle: Simon Cowell’s new ‘Cash-cow’"

Susan Boyle was awesome!!!!! She was soooooooooo cool! i watched it on YouTube and I was eating a candy nd when se sang she took my breath away!!!!!!!!!

I understand where you are coming from,Chris, but she is more talented than just singing. She plays the part of a 47 year old virgin quite well.

Sure, Lord Cowell will make lots of money off of her, but she’s still quite something. Women in general are plagued by insecurity, yet even though she has probably been the butt of many jokes, or had to endure people whispering little zingers behind her back, she seemed to possess an amazing amount of confidence. That’s what struck me the most about her. It’s refreshing. And no matter what she looks like, she’s got one heck of a voice. Also, I’m a sucker for those Les Miz songs.

The woman sure got confidence, Becky. I give you that. She knows how to carry herself on stage. I just feel that confidence can easily translate into he body and looks but the only reason she doesn’t do it to get votes and win this thing. Would you say it doesn’t sound right?

You commented on my blog: “Susan Boyle is Simon Cowell’s “Cash-cow”..she looks the part too. Its all an act soon to be over once she wins this thing. I feel sad for her, for what she has to do to stay the way she is now till the show finishes. She’s got talent,alright!! ”

I agree 10000000%. That so many people got TAKEN by this obviously staged and scripted spontaneous thing, duh, it is sad. When everyone wakes up, a month from now, maybe next week even when the show is exposed, it will be a day. Why are people so GULLIBLE? It was staged, folks, scripted. Susan is a good person, means well, but she decided to go along for a ride, too, and that’s her right. But don’t tell us this was a real contest……It was written beforehand.

My take? Susan Boyle’s much-hyped TV appearance was “scripted” and the public was bamboozled again

Although of course she deserves kudos for a great voice and a great personality and going ahead with the TV appearance, but readers, bloggers everywhere, this entire show in the UK is scripted, the judges are all paid entertainers, Susan Boyle did not just walk on the stage and sing a song, unknownst to the judges or the audience even. The entire event was prepared and scriped, they don’t leave any room for chance on these kinds of “reality” and Live shows, it is pure TV billshit, and we have been bullshitted again and the entire world has gone gaga for a PR stunt of major proportions.

Again, Susan Boyle was not part of this, she was just a guest on the show, but she knew what was going on and none of her lines were spontaneous. It was all scripted, stage managed by professionals. Again, I not blaming her for this. She went on the show and has a great voice and deserves all the good luck and fortune that comes her way, yes.

But we should all know that it did not happen the way the “media” and the show’s producers want us to believe. The virgin, the never been kissed, the “I will never be lonely again” remarks on CNN, the spinster headlines, all the hype. She had voice lessons for two years, she has now admitted. She made a CD in 1999. She was not some unknown non-professional singer who just “happened” to walk on that stage. It is all rehearsed and scripted.

We have been bamboozled by the Brits again, using Hollywood hype as their tool. And CNN and LArry King and Ap and all the media went for it, because it’s a great story. But the entire show, and her part especially, was scripted. Don’t believe me? Ask me how I know. I know.

I guess common sense ain’t that common that common these days, Danny. We WILL be soon be making sense while the world rub their eyes in disbelief !!

[…] Susan Boyle and the despised comb. I’m still reeling under the fact that not just Britain but Simon Cowell’s masterpiece has spread like wildfire all across the world. The media lights go flashing and Simon Cowell goes […]

Get over it, and yourselves, folks!

Before Susan opened her mouth it was obvious that she was a trained singer from the off-stage camera angle of her stance and posture. But voice lessons don’t give someone a great voice and the talent and dedication to develop it.

In my book the woman is indeed talented and a delight to listen to regardless of any pre-show convolutions or after-show hype. She rose to the top of a long, ascending phrase in a smooth, sustained, effortless manner that was awesome.

Go, Susan, and thanks for sharing your gift with us!

Joan Baez took voice lessons part way into her career according to a radio commentator of the time-he was delighted. Sometimes it takes coaching to be “natural and effortless”.

Great point, Doug. I completely agree that Susan can sing, probably better than anyone on reality singing contests this year BUT what i question is her motive to draw the sympathy of viewers and get their pity votes.
I would have liked to see her win but only if she hadn’t stopped combing her hair for television.

I think Susan is just what she seems, and it’s absurd to keep harping about her looks. It’s not about that, it’s about her talent that no one took seriously BECAUSE of her looks. Clearly society is more concerned with how people look than their abilities. How shallow is the human species anyway? Most of the above article commentary is just dumb, frankly. I would like to think she will win because she can sing extremely well and no other reason.

Thanks for your viewpoint, FoxPhile but it seems you’re missing the point. I’ve never doubted her talent because she can sing better then than any reality TV contestant in the past couple of years but my concern is that she is turning out to be one of those very few people who are able to cash-in on their bad looks by getting pity votes, interviews, media appearances. She maintains her bad looks to ensure her win and that is what i question.

I hate singers in general, but this susan boyle woman is amazing. I still can’t get over how she talks like a mild mannered person and then she opens her mouth and this incredible sound comes out. She blows me away.

I agree with you on the voice, Joe. She does have that going for her. Let’s see how far the rest of her ‘talents’ take her.

Please take your pathetic personality disorder someplace besides on the shoulders of one of the nicest, most interesting, charming, delightful, fresh, talented, and lovely people on the planet. Remove the beam in your own eyes before you worry about the mote of Ms. Boyle looking like…a 48 year old woman of her particular history. I like her and her looks. Do you have as many admirers as she?

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