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Miss USA 2009 winner Kristen Dalton: ‘Manufactured’ beauty queen

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Kristen Dalton Miss USA 2009: Let's not make her an idol or an ideal

Kristen Dalton Miss USA 2009: Let's not make her an idol or an ideal

Kristen Dalton of North Carolina was named Miss USA 2009 on Sunday night. A fine example, according to media reports, of another American girl’s dream coming true. The greatest night of her life. The greatest night in the life of Jeannie Bogerwait a sec…you don’t know who that is?? She is Kristen Dalton’s mother. Let me show you how Kristen’s family looks like…


I learnt (from Wikipedia, of course) that Kristen Dalton is the daughter of Jeannie Boger who was Miss North Carolina USA 1982. Her younger sister Julia Dalton was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and placed 2nd at Miss Teen USA 2008; the third Dalton sister Kenzie Dalton is engaged to Chad Michael Murray and also competed in the Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant.
Does it look like an average American family to you? So, is Kristen being crowned the new Miss USA really a fairytale story or is it another alarming picture of parents adhering to America’s ideal image of beauty. Is it just another run-of-the-mill creation from the Dalton household? I fear for the girls and parents to watched Kristen on their television sets as she was crowned Miss USA 2009. How many girls would be wishing to be just like her? How many parents would be thinking of turning their innocent children into cosmetically and politically correct ‘zombies of beauty’?


-I would have been glad if Kristen was from an average American family where physical ‘perfection’ was not the primary value to judge children. I wonder how many times she has broken down and cried for not being able to put up that ‘perfect smile’ for everyone to see? How many sleepless nights she must have spent worrying about a zit or a broken nail?
-I don’t know who runs the Dalton household but if Miss USA is a stage for America to setup an ideal for little girls, then I would make sure nobody gets to see what the other Daltons look like…because they are perfect…maybe even too perfect to be true…a beauty factory producing the absolute best in America with an impressive success rate. Kristen Dalton is the latest model, for now.

Don’t let your daughter be like her. Don’t turn your happy-but-average life turn into a never ending pursuit of ‘physical beauty’.
As we all celebrate another glorious chapter in the American beauty industry, is anyone thinking of the rest fifty girls who didn’t win? Do you think their ‘perfect’ parents would be ‘forgiving’ their daughters anytime soon? When will the manufacturing of beauty come to a rest?

The beautiful stars are for the world to rejoice but the beauty scars on daughters are without choice.

What do you think…?

Kristen Dalton photo gallery

(images courtesy of missuniverse.com, hectorjoaquin.com, photobucket(AAA1982), chicstarentertainment, misscontest, shopdazzles.com,  nydailynews.com)

5 Responses to "Miss USA 2009 winner Kristen Dalton: ‘Manufactured’ beauty queen"

[…] your average American family, right?) 4) Her daughter, Kristen Dalton is in the limelight with her recent victory at the Miss USA 2009. Just like her mother, Kristen also won Miss North Carolina USA this year. That sure does her […]

this post is total bull. Jennie Boger is one of the weetest women in North Carolina. The comments in this post evidently are from people that are ugly in spirit. You should be ashamed of yourself to write such ugly words about people you evidently don’t know anything about. Maybe if you were more beautiful in spirit you would appreciate such beauty in a time when our nation is such turmoil.

Written from someone who went to school with Boger children in Sanford, NC. Of course, this is just a small, southern town – who of course I’m sure the people who wrote this post – live in larger cities in NC and have no TRUE SOUTHERN COUTH at all.

Thank you for your comments, Meranda. I appreciate your side of the story. When i see an American family with four ‘beauty queens’, i tend to think of it as more than a coincidence. There is a bomb ticking with thousands of children in America being paraded everyday by their parents, worse than pets!
When i saw the news about Kristen winning, i wanted to question the fact if this is what was happening all over again and that too, at this big a stage( Miss USA).
I questioned the truth and your comment has shed some light on it. I appreciate that. Hopefully, my next post would be a little more to your liking.


Dear Sij: We met the Dalton’s when we moved to Wilmington in 2000. My children and the Dalton children have been friends for the past nine years. The family is kind, generous and real. The girls are involved in pageants because they “want” to be and because they have the talent, discipline, character, tenacity, physical ability and the “desire” to do so. No one is “forcing” these independent young women to do anything. Jennie and Alan are there for the girls with support and a hug, not a whip. You do not know this family and your assumptions could not be more false.

I grew up three or four houses from Jeannie Boger’s Family in Sanford, NC. I can’t speak to their lives or lifestyle now, but they were a wonderful and loving family. Jeannie Was a sweet girl who just happened to be pretty. I remember her as a very lanky young child. All of a Sudden in High School, there was this BEAUTY! She is the duckling who became a swan…Their family was as kind and down to Earth as you could get. They were the type of neighbors you could count on in a crisis. It may just be that Jeannie found her niche in the world and her daughters just happened to see where it could lead. I see nothing wrong with that as long as good family values are being taught. I have no doubt that the Dalton Girls were brought up “right”.

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