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Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell beware – Here comes the power of Shaheen Jafargholi, Twitter and Demi Moore..Britain’s Got Talent alright!!!

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Shaheen Jafargholi - Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell are shaking

Shaheen Jafargholi - Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell are shaking

Simon Cowell and Susan Boyle are shaking in their pants, respectively. Britain’s finally got some talent. Enter boy wonder Shaheen Jafargholi.  The 12 year old from Wales has taken the world by surprise. A week ago and nobody would have beleived if you’d said Susan Boyle may not win the show. She practically owns the show or atleast almost all of the psychic air-waves in Britain which she uses to convince viewers that she is in fact a “never-been-kissed virgin” living with her cat, Pebbles(who by the way i totally believe deserves some recognition for putting up with someone as ‘deliberatley unkempt’ as Susan)

Shaheen Jafargholi is the nemesis and i’m loving it. I know he’s small and cute and all but the lad sings really well. Demi Moore is in love with him. She tweeted “Wow this kid is something else!” after watching the boy’s performance online. Once Twitter loves this boy, he should be a worthy opponenent to the “not-so-cute-anymore” Susan Boyle.

Shaheen performed the Motown hit, Who’s Lovin’ You. The song was originally sung by the young Michael Jackson who also happens to be Shaheen’s idol. Bookies consider the kid to be the strongest threat to the much-hyped Susan Boyle and her wily ways.

Simon Cowell went on GMTV last week to say that there is still a contest. Of course there is..there needs to be one..or else why would anyone turn their televisions on. The shrewd businessman he is, Simon Cowell has sensed that rumours are starting to gather heat whether Susan Boyle really is what she claims to be (which she is, so not). He needs the show to stay ‘riveting’ for atleast a couple of more weeks before everyone knows the ‘oh-so-obvious’ truth.

The only problem with Shaheen’s performance was that even though he passed the goosebump test, he did’nt make anyone cry like Susan did. I still think people cried beacause when she sang, they realised that they would have to look at ‘that face’ for a long time to come.

Time will tell if the boy-wonder could defeat the evil Simon Cowell and his wily ‘cash-cow’ Susan Boyle.

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What Susan Boyle’s cat Pebbles has to say about her…

3 Responses to "Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell beware – Here comes the power of Shaheen Jafargholi, Twitter and Demi Moore..Britain’s Got Talent alright!!!"

Never mind who wins the show, Only Persian boy can make Simon Cowell stand up‏!

Well, we’ll be waiting for you, Persian. Just make sure you don’t look as glamorous as Susan. We’d appreciate that 🙂

Its been months now since the first time I saw Ms.Susan Boyle in YouTube singing that heart warming song from Les Miserables. Every now and then, if I needed a 10-minute break from my work surfing the net, I would always go back to Ms. Boyle’s youtube. Her voice warms my heart, the reaction of the people and the judges still amuses me, never fails to give me a smile. But most of all, it always gives me a hope that someday my dream will come true just like hers. No matter what other people say, I would forever thank Susan Boyle for giving me that inspiration to never stop dreaming. 🙂

Oh by the way, Persian boy, you are also some amazing human being! Were you really the one who sing that during the audition? Great voice you have there! 🙂

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