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Jeannie Dalton: Every American parent wants a family of ‘Beauty Queens’

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Here are the ingredients Jeannie Dalton used to create hers.

1) Jeannine Dalton was born Jeannine Boger in February 1959.

2) Jeannine was Miss North Carolina USA in 1982 and her state’s representative at Miss USA the same year.

3) Jeannine is the mother of three ‘fabulous’ beauty queens (that sounds like your average American family, right?)

4) Her daughter, Kristen Dalton is in the limelight with her recent victory at the Miss USA 2009. Just like her mother, Kristen also won Miss North Carolina USA this year. That sure does her mother proud. (Wonder, how she would have fit in the family if she hadn’t won?)

5) Then Jeannine has Kenzie Dalton, who is a model and an upcoming actress. She has already chalked up appearances on television shows such as One Tree Hill. If that’s not enough for her mom to be proud, she is also engaged to Chad Michael Murray. (Well, who isn’t, right?)

6) Last but not the least; Jeannine has Julia Dalton, the youngest of three, who was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and also the second runner up at Miss Teen USA 2008. (I’d say, she’s well on her way to upkeep the Dalton legacy)

Kristen Dalton Miss USA 2009: Let's not make her an idol or an ideal

Kristen Dalton Miss USA 2009: Let's not make her an idol or an ideal


The recipe I see here is certainly one of a moral and social disaster. This is not your average American family. Does this not look like a family ‘manufacturing’ beauty queens? Do you think children deserve a childhood of vanity over innocence? Then, what stops us from doing something about it and creating more awareness. Let’s give every child a reason to smile for themselves, not for the cameras or judges.

26 Responses to "Jeannie Dalton: Every American parent wants a family of ‘Beauty Queens’"

I’m guessing you haven’t a clue about this family. Jennie cames from a great family in North Carolina. Why don’t you ask how she grew up and how she raised her daughters before assuming that just because they are all beautiful and have gone on to attain their own successes that it’s an evil thing to be a beauty queen.

I apologise if i have hurt your sentiments but all across America, I’ve witnessed this trend where parents treat kids worse than show-dogs.All for what…to win a worthless pageant.One wins and the rest of them are left scarred for life. I’ve watched this happen long enough to not say something about it. So, when i come across a family where every female member is a “Beauty Queen”, do you want me to think that this family is ‘the exception’? Really?
Thanks for your comments anyway.I will try and find more about Jennie’s family even thought there’s nothing much i can work on. Could you please help me with it?
I am not here to malign a reputation, i am only here to question it.

Kristen is a wonderful young lady and nothing fake about her at all.
I can tell you that she trains hard physically, eats well and her smile is always beautiful. Actually her smile is more beautiful when she is with friends and family.

Kristen is very down to earth, genuine and well grounded! She is a beauty from the inside out and it seems as you think she should apologize for this. Why?

She is blessed and better yet she knows that she has been blessed with beauty in many ways. Her inner beauty is what makes her physical beauty shine the brightest…………. Maybe you could take some tips from this and groom yourself from the inside. If all fails you should at least feel better about yourself!

Her mother is a very pleasant woman and yes attractive even on a Saturday living life as so many of us do.

Thanks for your comments, Lee.
I understand Kristen is talented and i hope she uses it to raise awareness over the exploitation of young children for the sake of cheap beauty pageants. That is what i really want to see happen. I hope you support me, too.

Kristen and my son support a lot of things together and are heavily involved with many organizations globally in support of under privileged, challenged, handicapped and exploited children. They support and enhance each other tremendously in these areas!

I support your opinion just as any other intelligent person would in regards to the few children that are probably exploited by either one or both parents for the sake of a pageant. Even one is more than it should be!

I would agree that these parents are not model parents but that does not mean “ALL” parents exploit their children.

If I am reading you correct, you are making an assumption that maybe the young Dalton ladies were exploited by their parents merely because they are “All” blessed with beauty?

I guess it is a good thing so it can give us ugly people something to talk about!

I truly wish you knew these people. There isn’t any vanity or pushing children. Both of these parents are beautiful people who have taught their children wonderful morals. SHAME ON YOU!

I wish i knew these people too, Lucy. Maybe then, i could get a better idea of how two ‘beautiful people’ teach three daughters ‘wonderful morals’ that turn them into ‘beauty queens’. I understand what you are trying to say but how many families do you know where the morals inculcated in children have transformed every single one into a beauty queen? I am looking at the bigger picture here and i don’t want the Dalton Family end up as a measuring stick for parents who are ‘making’ their own beauty queens. I hope we both agree on that one.

I know the Dalton family well, and what is so wrong in wanting to do something your mom did? I know I wanted to take up dance lessons after years of playing dress up in my moms old ballet costumes. They are beautiful girls, but they were never forced. The son doesn’t do pageants or anything. They CHOSE to do it, and their mom WAITED until they were in high school or later to let them start doing pageants. She has told me how important she thinks it is for kids to just be kids. Also, Kristen has maintained a very clean image throughout her reign thus far… and her life, for that matter. This really upsets me.

Jennie (those that know her know she is not Jeannine… that was her mom) is the salt of the earth and a wonderful inspiration to her children. Kristen & her other children are a gift/blessing to both she & her husband, Alan, not a means to an end, as the latest comment would imply. While I understand there may be questions surrounding the whole beauty pageant subject, in general, due mostly to the Denver family death, so well known several years ago, this is not that situation, nor should this family be subjected to such ridicule. Really, truly good people still exist & this is one of those families. Please limit your comments to things you know… rather than things you feel, and have no real knowledge of… when it will potentially cause pain & certainly… no good. Just because one CAN do a thing, does not mean one SHOULD do a thing… That should be the limits of freedom of speech…

Thank you for your comments, Michele. I appreciate your side of the story. When i see an American family with four ‘beauty queens’, i tend to think of it as more than a coincidence. There is a bomb ticking with thousands of children in America being paraded everyday by their parents, worse than pets!
When i saw the news about Kristen winning, i wanted to question the fact if this is what was happening all over again and that too, at this big a stage( Miss USA).
I questioned the truth and your comment has shed some light on it. I appreciate that. Hopefully, my next post would be a little more to your liking.


I was Jeanine’s first runner-up and miss photogenic in 1982 and I went back the next year to win and she crowned me Miss NC USA 1983. She was always shy and humble and a very good person. She warned me about the pageant owners and how they really did not keep their promises, but did she try and sue or get headlines for it by kicking her crown across the floor?….. (which did happen at the NC America pageant in 1979)…..No! I am certain she didn’t encourage her daughters to compete in pageants like the Jon Benet mom did……..but like my daughters……they want to be like mom and enter a pageant or two…..I have tried to talk my youngest out of it, but she wants to compete in the Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant when she is old enough. I do not believe in baby or kids pageants……..a teenager must be at least 15 years old to compete. (And it is sick to put false eyelashes on a 5 year old, plus no married person should be in a pageant…….come on……….Mrs. America?) Pageants were great for me…….I learned how to interview well under pressure and that helped me become a marketing director of an architectural firm and an advertising executive. I don’t think anyone has ever met a lazy Miss America or Miss USA. (Who else would you wave to in all those parades?) Pageants for high schools and festivals is as American as baseball and apple pie and lets keep it that way……right now at least……..yea I know….in 50 years it will be soccer and tacos and maybe Perez Hilton can come up with a better title. (sans the pink hair or was it blue like a Smurf…….I really can’t remember…….I just know he is VERY proud!!!)

Its always nice to know how the grass looks from the other side. Thank you for supporting the fact that it IS sick to put on false eyelashes on a 5 year old. I surely hope the pageants maintain the spirit they were designed to upkeep rather than cause more trauma and stress among American children.

That was nice Paige. I think though in the first statements you meant to say she did ‘not’ sue or kick a crown like Miss NC America did.
Hope you are doing well. Saw you on a commercial a few years ago.

u seem to know an awful lot about the Daltons….
keep up the good work….

Thanks for your kind words. I’ve learnt more about the Daltons from those who know them than from Google.

There is no mention of a father in any of the above (unless I just missed it) Can anyone offer the name of the girl’s father? Is he alive? Estranged? Divorced from the mom?

I believe he was or is Alan Lee Dalton. Married the mom in Sanford NC in 1985. Seems a little odd that in all of this there is no mention of a dad.

Hey Dave..the father is called Allan Dalton..its funny how the dad part got skipped in the piece..i guess when you have four beauty queens in a single house..there’s probably not too much to say about the Dad except, “Well done”!!

Alan, the father, is very handsome and supportive of whatever is family needs or wants to do. Their son is handsome, too. Great christian family.

I grew up just a few doors down from Jeannie. We played together as children, visiting one anothers homes, going to the same school, and graduating together in 1977. The comments you make are grossly judgemental and couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Thank you for your comments, Frances. Unlike you, I did not have the opportunity to know Jeannie up close so my views are represented as a person who is witnessing an alarmingly rising number of beauty pageants and little children being forced by parents to act ‘grown-up’. That is what i based my opinion on but through this forum, I have met a lot of people like you, who knew Jeannie personally and I am relieved to hear that she’s not one of those parents.

If you grew up with her you know her name is Jeannine but was nicknamed Jennie since Jeannine is her mother’s name. Her parents are deceased and she goes by both names, but never Jeannie

I work for the same company as jeannie and only see her every so often. I will tell you she is one of the most humble people I have ever met . I have to pry information out of her about her children including her son . She is a special lady. Sincerely Dave

Hey Dave…thanks for your insight on Jeannie. I understand that as a colleague you know her well and its always nice to find that someone like her is humble and sincere.

i went to college with kristen, she is a very sweet reserved, and honest person. she was very likeable and made everyone feel bubbly just to be around her. way to go kristen!!

Just a small request:
Could you please fix this page so that in the title it show’s the correct name – my name is Jeannie Dalton – and this person’s name is apparently Jennie or Jeannine.


I go to school with Julia, and she is no different from any other student. She is down to earth, kind, and doesn’t act entitled or anything out of the ordinary. I think they are just a blessed family.

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