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Spice Girls may be the next target of Britney Spears’ stalker

Posted on: April 21, 2009

According to an exclusive interview given to E-Online, Miranda Tozier Robbins has said she actually is a fan of the Spice Girls and not Britney Spears. I guess Scary spice is not the scariest thing about Spice Girls anymore.

She also said that she was just trying to prepare for a documentary near Britney’s residence when she was arrested. That was why she was carrying the camera and wearing camouflage clothes. Ya sure, in that case it’d be a while till someone sees Michael Moore. He,too, must be lying hidden in poisnous weed near some celebrity’s gun-weilding ranch-house.

Anyhow, i just have one thing to say to the Spice Girls. A reunion is probably not the best idea considering the circumstances as well as the fact that Miranda still owns those camouflage outfits. Who knows, which one of the Spice Girls would be the first to hear their plants sneeze!!

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4 Responses to "Spice Girls may be the next target of Britney Spears’ stalker"

and the difference between a pap and a stalker is……
see the documentary when it premieres at Sundance 2010 and you can write about it in the blog no one reads….

Hey ‘Miranada’, you are hilarious. I wish i could take you as a date to Sundance 2010 and we’d watch the documentary together.

Learn how to smile Posh.

what happen to the spice girls

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