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Did Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird deserve to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby?

Posted on: May 3, 2009

Calvin Borel and Mind That Bird win Kentucky derby (image courtesy SFGate.com)

Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird win Kentucky derby (image courtesy SFGate.com)

I’ve read that when Calvin Borel rode Mine That Bird past the finish line first to be the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, it is now being considered to be one of the biggest upsets in the race’s history.The winning margin of Mine That Bird is the derby’s biggest since Assault won by eight in 1946. The payout for Calvin Borel’s victory at $103.20 to win (for $1) is the second-biggest payout in Derby history, and the largest since 1913.

I wonder, with such a huge margin of victory, why Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird were given such shoddy odds at 50 to 1? It’s as if no-one thought they deserved to win?

Well, I’m glad for the people who did have faith in Borel and his ‘Bird’…recession must sure be gone for some time, for those lucky ones!

Watch Calvin Borel’s amazing win the Kentucky Derby with Mine That Bird.

5 Responses to "Did Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird deserve to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby?"

Well, you think the experts know everthing? Answer they do not and that is why we have gamblers who gamble on long-shots.

I agree with you, Jimmy. Of course the gamblers know a lot more than the so called ‘experts’ but what surprised me was why Calvin and his ‘Bird’ were on such low odds to win…its as if even the gamblers didn’t see it coming.

OF COURSE HE DID? What do you mean by “Deserve”, he is the winner…..
It was also great to see him WIN again TODAY!

Wouldn’t we all LOVE to be him right now 🙂 Doing what we have loved our whole life and SHINING LIKE A STAR.
Especially 2 different horses, 2 different Races.
1st time ever…. GO CALVIN…..CELEBRATE.
Maybe those Horses love how he trains and treats them…and respond to him in a rewarding way.

Go Calvin :)…I’m with you on his great performance..nothing can deny him the fact that he is a true champion..i just meant to say if he ‘deserved’ to win in the eyes of the bookies who never gave him a chance…Oh, how they rue the day he won..and again..and maybe again !!! 🙂


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