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Calvin Borel and Mind That Bird win Kentucky derby (image courtesy SFGate.com)

Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird win Kentucky derby (image courtesy SFGate.com)

I’ve read that when Calvin Borel rode Mine That Bird past the finish line first to be the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, it is now being considered to be one of the biggest upsets in the race’s history.The winning margin of Mine That Bird is the derby’s biggest since Assault won by eight in 1946. The payout for Calvin Borel’s victory at $103.20 to win (for $1) is the second-biggest payout in Derby history, and the largest since 1913.

I wonder, with such a huge margin of victory, why Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird were given such shoddy odds at 50 to 1? It’s as if no-one thought they deserved to win?

Well, I’m glad for the people who did have faith in Borel and his ‘Bird’…recession must sure be gone for some time, for those lucky ones!

Watch Calvin Borel’s amazing win the Kentucky Derby with Mine That Bird.

John Madden retires from broadcasting

John Madden retires from broadcasting

As if he needs any introduction. John Madden, the Hall-of-fame NFL coach has decided to call it quits from television broadcasting of football games. He revolutionized football broadcasting with his eagle eye and exquisite animated sounds.Oh, how we would miss him.

In a statement issued by him, John Madden said that “It’s time”. He rose to legendary status in the broadcasting circle with his stint at CBS. Madden said that NFL had been his life for more than 40 years, it has been his passion – and still is. I can never doubt that.

The Chairman of NBC Universal Sports stated that Madden had decided to retire just because it was time – nothing more and nothing less.

I’m sure it might have shaken a few in the broadcasting circuit to see a legend like John Madden give it all up and walk away but I’m sure it wouldn’t have any effect on his “Madden NFL Football” franchise, still the top-selling sports video game ever according to The New York Times. That game is here to rule forever.

What effect would John Madden’s retirement have on the game and especially viewers? Leave me your comments….

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