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Socializing is an integral part of human behaviour. People gather to enjoy and celebrate as well as communicate news with each other. Most of the time, grand lavish parties are arranged to celebrate. Corporate meetings almost always revolve around drinks and food. Food forms the most important connecting medium and possibly the most talked about aspect too. Catering service companies are gaining popularity as they provide food to mass gatherings of people ranging from 50 people to 10,000 people in one go.

Food catering services are arranged by renowned restaurants or caterers with substantial setups including state of the art kitchens, manpower, resources etc. Catering services are available for an array of different celebrations like birthdays, corporate functions, housewarming parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, product or official openings, weddings etc. The cost and lavishness of an event is based on the budget of the client. The client is allowed to be part of the thoughtful process which ultimately concludes to be a delightful time with guests.

Varied cuisine and foods are prepared at such events. These cuisines range from Thai delights, to Mexican, Indian, Italian, French, Greek, Japanese, continental and European dishes. Some food catering service companies in UK offer efficient and reliable services for every event in various venues. Details of UK’s top Indian caterers are given on Indian-Catering.co.uk .

Food catering services usually also offer event organizing within a package or they have ties with other event management companies. These packages may  include chef, cutlery, suits, marquees, bbqs and waitresses. You can have barbeque parties or even banquet, buffet, canapé, bowl food, picnic and beach events with finger foods. According to occasion and type of food different cuisines are chosen for the customer.

In Italian food, bacon, cheese, biscotti, pastas, pizzas and risottos are quite famous. There are great many starters, main courses and desserts in the Italian menu which you can try out. Besides, there are saucy Mexican, Thai and Asian food as well. Mexican food has varied flavours and colours. Lot more spices and ingredients are common in Mexican and Thai cuisine. Native ingredients are brought in by the food catering service from the food catering suppliers. These are used to make cuisines like Guacamole, Salsa, nopales, Chiles en nogada, Tamales, Mole poblano chicken, Assorted tacos, Caldo de res, etc.

Number of food catering services serves varied cuisines. Food catering service concept is quite popular in UK. Some of names known in this field include: The caterers Ltd, The flying Chef, Tastes catering, Simply catering, Penni Black catering service, etc. Few of them are business caterers. The business caterers serve at offices and business establishments. Others are event caterers. They organize parties and events. First class gourmet catering service is available at affordable prices. Greek and Japanese menu are served. Menu is mostly according to the choice of the customer. Custom made cuisines are available too.

Food catering services hire specialists and learned chefs for their business. They are an experienced group of men from varied institutes who have learned different regional cuisines and have added an extra bit of experience into it. Starting from Yorkshire puddings to Seared Sesame Tuna wasabi, luxury fish and beef pies curry and chips – You can taste a delightful number of dish and cuisines at each services. Specialist Asian, Japanese, Mexican and Californian food catering services are available as well. Indian and Asian food catering Services are the most renowned here at UK. But others have also got there own niche of customers. Most of them are serving here at Britain for over a decade.

One Indian restaurant called Indus the Indian room has recently opened in London, got good reviews from critics and is setting up its catering service company that will specialise in Indian wedding catering.


Escaping the ‘sensationalist’ blogging, I had made a resolution at the beginning of the year to take a vacation every six months. Barely got out in time for my dream Florida holidays.  Even with all the glorified might of internet, my questionable geographical comprehension and some very unfriendly suggestions from my ‘not-so-dear’ friends, my dream vacation to Florida was ‘sunnier’ than expected, largely owing to a techie friend (oh, how we need the geeks) who told me about a website called zipholidays.co.uk . To tell you the truth, although we’ve got a million sites like tripadvisor and lonelyplanet to tell us about great holidays and travels but when it comes to actually booking one online, every site is a mess. Well, almost. I got these guys from Zipholidays to offer me a great deal including the airfare and a great room at Essex house. Somewhere, I couldn’t help but think there must be some hidden frills. Fortunately, my vacation turned out almost perfect.

I am never comfortable on flights. So, this one wasn’t life-changing but you do get some rather nice people on board with you. I met a lady who was going to Florida to write a piece on Love bugs in Florida. I was scared for a moment, fearing another flu epidemic on the horizon when she told me that these things weren’t harmful at all. It took me around six hours to reach Florida and I reached there in the afternoon, around 7 in the evening. Jetlag was getting to me and I was glad I had pre-booked a cab with Zipholidays guys, so I didn’t have to wait around for a ride. I barely remember getting to Essex house but the staff had a big smile on as I grabbed my keys and rushed to my room. A little creepy but nice.

The room was far beyond what I’d expected at the price I had paid on the website. I have to say this has to be one of the best hotels in the land. Value-for money, all the way. The rooms were spacious with nice décor. The staff still had a smile on their faces. They were attentive but not too pushy, just the perfect balance.

Florida is rife with stunning sights. I visited the Kennedy space centre and the tour was worth its weight in gold. What was even more fun was visiting Peanut Island. I had planned to camp there for the night but Everglades was still on the cards. Everyone had told me not to miss out on one of the most renowned national parks in U.S. I did go there but I couldn’t stay for long and had to cut my day short due to the heat.

Had a great dinner back at the hotel. Those guys really know how to please my culinary senses. Everything about the place was just perfect and I still couldn’t believe I found it on an unheard site like Zipholidays.

If any of my readers are planning their holidays to Florida, check out Zipholidays before you go through a million pages on tripadvisor or lonelyplanet. It surely is one of those gems of a website out there.

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