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With due regards to MSN India and timepassguru, I have finally found the freshest Cheerleader pictures from the second edition of IPL 2009.

Every single picture of the IPL Cheerleaders have been verified to be genuine and from this season. I had to go through a whole lot of crappy galleries full of old Cheelrleader pics to get these. Worth the effort i’d say. What about you?

My page would be duly updated as and when pictures arrive so keep it close. This is what all true IPL lovers have been waiting for…also check out two more gallery links after this gallery.

See all of last season’s cheerleaders and gorgeous Bollywood ladies

Check out Mandira Bedi’s new debonair look



Finally, its here. The moment we all been waiting for. The stadiums are packed, the television is SET on MAX, billions of fans wait with bated breath for the South African curtains to rise.The second edition of DLF INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE T20 2009 is finally here. The masses go hysterical, VIP’s and Politicians align and we are ready to go. Here comes Mandira Bedi looking scorching on her return to MAX for another ‘Extraa Innings’, Preity Zinta maybe getting a bit plump but she still is as cute as a button and Shilpa Shetty with her never-ending legs. You’ve got Juhi Chawla and Gauri Khan too but hey, who’s looking at them! I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO START ABOUT THE CHEERLEADERS..well maybe not in the next two lines..i know what you’re here for..wait a minute…What are you here for?..I’ve almost been writing for half a page and i have not said cricket once..you just noticed that, didn’t you?..and you call yourself a cricket fan…well, i don’t judge you.

Half of India is crazy for the new shorter version of the game and the other half is crazy for even more shorter versions of skirts on the girls in ipl t20. The politicians cant wait to drool over the cheerleaders to later label them as ‘vulgar and obscene’. I’ve heard reports of Mumbai policemen going on strike as they have been robbed of an opportunity to ‘check’ whether the girl’s performances don’t violate entertainment licences. I feel for them. Actually, i feel for all Indian cricket fans who’ve been denied a chance to watch the games in stadiums in India, not getting to see the match up close and the cheerleaders up closer.

The IPL Cheerleader hunt shows were a hoot this season. Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab held hunt shows to find talent in India. Shah Rukh Khan said it would create great opportunities for the youth brigade. Then, he went on to have ‘young gun’ Sourav Ganguly to be the judge.Well, i think he did well.He thinks he should’ve voted for Nagma…but that’s a tale for another day.

Last year, Shahid Afridi slammed the decision to use cheerleaders in the Indian Premier League. He felt scantily-clad dancers were a distraction to both players and spectators. He also felt that bowlers were bowling too quickly and he wasn’t getting enough time to look ‘around’.

Well, I’ll leave you with some wonderful ‘cricketing’ memories from last season.in the meanwhile you can find me ‘discussing’ cricket with the all-new Mandira BediEnjoy them, you ‘cricket’ lovers…

Image courtesy of ipl-streaming.blogspot.com, news.com.au and others.

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