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Cribs for Small Spaces

delta children portable mini

Cribs for small spaces are cribs designed to fit into low-space rooms or apartments. They are designed keeping the space factor in mind and occupy much less area as compared to regular baby cribs. Due to their smaller dimensions, cribs for small spaces are often referred to as mini cribs.

Usually a regular crib looks like the best thing to opt for. Sure, there are some wonderful cribs in the market and the majestic sizes they come in often add to the cribs’ charm and appeal. In fact, initially it seems that the bigger the crib, the safer it would be for the baby. But what happens when you have the budget and a beautiful crib on your mind but you just can’t seem to fit it into your nursery? Or if you do get it in, the room suddenly looks way smaller owing to the huge piece of furniture blocking the wall? What if you then decide to shift it to a bigger room and realize that there’s no way to get the crib out through the doorway? These are practical problems that can ruin your experience with a crib if you buy one online without weighing all the pros and cons.

A regular crib generally has dimensions around 55” x 35” or more while a crib designed for small spaces usually comes with dimensions less than 40” x 25” inches. Cutting down on these 10 to 15 inches can really change the look of your room and can make it possible to carry a crib in and out through the doors. But this is not all. Another great thing about cribs designed for small spaces is that they are much lighter in weight. In fact, a lot of mini cribs today come with casters or wheels which makes maneuverability a breeze! To add to the ease of moving them around, some mini cribs also have the option of folding up flat so that they can be packed and carried out from room to room or even city to city.

Going for a nice mini crib by a reliable brand can help you save a lot of space-management headache. It can help you manage a small nursery in a beautiful way and can make your outdoor experience much easier if you’re fond of traveling with the baby.

My favorite pick for a mini crib would be the Delta Children Portable Mini Crib. This crib meets safety standards, saves space, comes with casters, a mattress, can be folded and is portable. It is a great option and gives so much value for little money!

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